Our Chef invents high quality cuisine based on his on-site transformation of fresh local produce. Whether seated like in a restaurant, or for cocktails – you will get to taste a great variety of the French South West’s famous flavours.

  • Concept

    Concept and tenet

    Know-how, applied with common sense

    The Bordeaux River Cruise Company and its catering team are using their skills to create quality cuisine with a strong local taste. Our Chef-Traiteur composes dishes in accordance with his convictions and sensitivity. Harvesting or fishing the fresh produce and transforming it directly on board or on the Île Patiras is one way to guarantee great taste, freshness and local color. Bordeaux River Cruise claims its freedom of choice, searching foremost for the right partners and the right produce, either organic or sustainable, either directly from the farm or bought through retail counselors. We do not use plates and cutlery during our discovery cocktails, thus helping to reduce used water quantities. In order to limit waste, we mainly use biodegradable dishes that can be recycled, or anything that can be simply eaten and picked up as fingerfood.

  • Cocktails


    A streaming « fingerfood » experience

    Following the « fooding » mouvement, our caterer does not lay traditional tables. His characteristic offer includes fluid and fun tasting experiences. The so-called « fingerfood » gastronomy is an invitation to enjoy a leisurely discovery of simple dishes that are uniquely re-invented, using a wooden pick, allowing to follow your own curiosity and likings. On our wine tasting cruises you get thus to discover regional produce that match perfectly with the wines you are getting to know.

  • Counters


    Themed self-service buffets

    For your business or family events, or wedding nights we propose « buffet » gastronomy on board, presenting various flavors from the French South West. Your guests can walk around and navigate between the different gastronomical ambiances. The “Landais” counters (grilled duck liver, small slices of duck filet, etc). The "Atlantique" counters (Bègles codfish, Arcachon oysters, etc.). The "Medocain" counters ( Macau artichoke, Pauillac lamb, etc.). The "Estuary" counters (fish carpaccio, white shrimps, etc.). Not to forget the bar, proposing wine tasting of various Bordeaux wines and appelations.

  • Menus

    Table menus

    Restaurant ambiance at table

    During our lunch- and dinner cruises we propose a succession of dishes. Stimulating the senses : it is all about the tasting experience, light music playing in the background. It is possible to rent the restaurant areas for exclusive use (full or partial boat rental), you will be perfectly at home. Chandeliers take over at the refuge de Patiras as soon as the sun sets.

  • References

    Our menus are fully season-oriented, they are witness of the gastronomical references of the French South West.

    - Macau Artichoke and its Mousseline
    - Fried Spinach Cocoon
    - Scalloped Blaye Asperagus

    - Terrine au foie gras and its red wine aspic
    - Wild duck Biganon
    - Rack of lamb Pauillac

    - Carpaccio of mullet in dill marinade
    - Estuary shadefish à la plancha
    - Bassin d’Arcachon oysters

    - Poached pear in red wine
    - Mousse au chocolat à la noisettine du Médoc
    - Cannelés de Bordeaux

    Contact us to help you find the solution that adapts best  to your event
    Menus at the restaurant from 30€ incl /pers.
    Cocktails & apéritifs from 25€ incl /pers.

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