Find here all the answers to your questions regarding your reservation or your cruise. For all your questions regarding the meeting location, your order or your gift box, or if you would like to make a change for your cruise, we answer all your problems below.

Book a cruise

I would like to make a modification to my reservation (adding participants, information relating to diet, modifying your menu, etc.)

Send an email to indicating your order number indicated on your boarding pass. Our Reservations department will make the modification for you and will contact you for additional payment if necessary.

I would like to change the date of my cruise.

You can change the date of your arrival up to 72 hours before your cruise. If you are no longer on time, a 40% surcharge will be applied to change the date. To change the date, send an email to

Where would I be placed on the boat?

Placement is free during our sightseeing cruises (“Les Canelés” walk, Apéro Bord'o, tasting cruise, etc.). You can take full advantage of all areas of the boat. For meal cruises (lunch and dinner), our room manager is responsible for setting up the rooms and your table.

Only a reservation with a “window” option can guarantee you this privileged placement. Your table may be placed on the upper deck or the lower deck, depending on other reservations for the day.

I did not receive my boarding pass by email.

Have you checked your spam and/or junk mail?
If you still haven't received anything, contact us.

I would like to pay using ANCV holiday vouchers.

You must go to our kiosk-boutique located opposite n°2 quai des Chartrons (Bordeaux) to reserve your places or send your checks by post to our headquarters: 19 rue Esprit des Lois 33000 BORDEAUX

I have undated tickets identical to ticketnet or francebillet concert tickets or a Gift Box (smartbox, wonderbox, etc.)

Please send us an email to specifying:

  • Name & First name
  • Phone number
  • The cruise and the desired date
  • Your box number or a photo of your ticket

Come in a group

I would like to book for a group on a cruise already scheduled.

Contact us to benefit from your “Groups” benefits.

I would like information to organize a private event (birthday, wedding, baptism, EVJF/EJG)

Contact us by email or by telephone: our project managers will assist you in organizing your event and will be able to create the ideal cruise in Bordeaux for you.

I would like information on organizing a corporate event.

Contact us by email or by telephone: our project managers will assist you in organizing your event and will be able to create the cruise for you that will delight your employees or your customers.

Je n’ai pas encore le nombre définitif de participants, comment faire ?

I would like to make an appointment to talk about my project.

We invite you to contact us first by telephone to ensure the feasibility of your project (date, number of participants, etc.). Our Project Managers will then arrange to meet you on board our boats to help you organize your cruise.

Gift box

I have a gift box but the code doesn't work.

Check that your code begins with GC, or with a series of numbers then letters. If this is not the case, contact us.
Have you entered the numbers correctly? Sometimes the number 1 looks like the capital letter i, or the number zero looks like the letter o.
All letters are capitalized.

I have a gift box for 2 people and I want to add participants

Reserve for the number of guests you want (for 4 people for example), add the code for your box in the “Gift box code” box.
You will only have the remaining places to pay.

Prepare your arrival

Where is the boarding pontoon for my cruise located?

The boarding location is indicated on your boarding pass which you should have received by email.
Check the location well in advance, the boats leave on time.
Port access and boarding

Is it necessary to arrive early?

For all sightseeing cruises, it is imperative to be present for boarding 15 minutes before departure.
For lunch and dinner cruises this is not necessary.

Is it obligatory to print my boarding pass?

You can present your boarding pass directly on your smartphone, let's think about the planet!
If you have purchased a Cité du Vin PASS, it must be printed.

In case of rain, is departure guaranteed?

Validation of departure is subject to the discretion of the captain. In the event of rain, departure is assured; in the event of a storm, a prefectural decree may prohibit navigation.
In this case, we will contact you to offer you a postponement of your cruise.

Are animals allowed on board?

We accept animals on board the Sicambre only.
Dogs must be small and placed in their transport bag at your feet.
The crew reserves the right to refuse access to the animal if you do not respect these conditions or if the animal behaves inappropriately.

Do your boats have PMR access?

Our restaurant boat Sicambre as well as the boat Sirius and Sardane can accommodate you in good conditions if you have a manual chair. Electric chairs cannot access the upper decks of the Sirius and Sicambre boats.
Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone.

I gave my name for the reservation but I am not the one who will benefit from the cruise.

No problem, beneficiaries will be able to board by giving your name at reception at the pontoon.

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